Manokwari Travel Guide

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The city of Manokwari becomes the capital of West New Guinea since Dutch colonization. Located at the northern part of the Irian mainland, Manokwari lays on the beautiful surrounding gorges, the main interest around Manokwari includes Gunung Meja Park, from where you can view the scenery of Manokwari town, Amban beach, Anggi Lake and Arfak Reserve.

In 5th Feb 1885 Otto and Geisler, The Germans brought and introduced Bible to West Papua, they came in thru Mansinam Island, Manokwari, and from then the Bible spread to everywhere in Papua. The majority of Papuan now is Christians.

Manokwari is also famous as Fruit City, you can find almost every fruits in town. The airport is about 7 km from down town. The only decent and reliable hotel in town is Mutiara Hotel( +62 986 211777)

The cab is avail from the airport, the fare is about Rp.50,000/trip to town.


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