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Ocean view

Ocean view

At Ipenburg

Jayapura is the capital city of Papua Province (previously called Irian Jaya and Irian Barat) was known as Hollandia from 1910 to 1962, being the capital of Netherlands New Guinea. After the integration to Indonesia in October 1962 it was renamed Kotabaru, then Sukarnopura and finally Jayapura. The bustling city of almost 250,000 spreads in back of what used to be known as the Humboldt Bay (Now Yos Sudarso Bay). Here you can find some remains of World War II, Lake Sentani with unique lake side and island villages and cultures. You may want to visit the Anthropological Museum of Uncen in Abepura, the National Museum of Papua history and art in Waena, where you also find a museum of modern Papuan Art (in the Expo, next to the museum).


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