Beaches in Indonesia

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Indonesia forms the second longest shoreline in the world, second only to Canada. Because of this, it has many beautiful beaches. Indonesia Beaches have clear warm water, pine and coconut trees lining the sand, and lovely marine life. Bali especially is the home to many great beaches, as are Java and many other islands.

Bali Beaches

Bali has the most stunning and popular beaches in Indonesia. Lovina Beach is an exotic place with activities like scuba diving, snorkeling and sailing. This beach has  very lively nightlife. Sanur Beach is the most visited beach in Indonesia because of its stunning natural beauty. One side of the beach has rocky cliffs, and the other side is flanked by coconut and pine trees. The water is pure aqua blue, and has marine life such as sharks, dolphins, turtles, and moray eels.

Dreamland Beach offers many watersports and recreational activities, and is one of the most popular beaches in Bali for diving and surfing. There are also camping facilities on the beach. Jimbaran Beach is the ideal white sandy beach. This natural beach has some very good resorts, equipped with almost all types of recreational and watersports activities. Gentle tides make Jimbaran Beach a great place for swimming.

Pasir Putih Beach, a wide, white sand beach, is less developed than the others. Its serene shoreline is flanked by tall palm and bamboo trees.

Java Beaches

East Java has some wonderful beaches to offer. Rapang Beach is one of them. This pristine, white sandy beach is a treat for the eye. The horseshoe-shaped coastline is very developed in terms of facilities, and features villas, resorts, restaurants, and bars for tourists to enjoy. Scuba diving, snorkeling and surfing are also available on the beach.

Grajagan Beach, located around 50 kilometers from Jakarta, is an exotic beach surrounded by lovely mangrove trees and teak forest. A small fishing village on the beach adds an extra dimension to the beauty of the beach. Within a few kilometers of the beach, there are some very beautiful lakes, which are also major attractions for tourists.

Sumatra Beaches

Sumatra's west coast does not have many beaches, but its east coast does. Palau Bintan is a small island that preserves its natural beauty by not offering many modern amenities. The beach gives you absolute peace of mind, serving as an escape from hectic city life.

Other Beaches

Lombak has a nice beach named Kuta Beach, which is very good for surfing. Bira Beach in Sulawesi looks different than other Indonesia beaches, and has several hundred lovely wooden houses lined up along the beach. The vegetation in this area is still untouched.

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