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Nagoya Entertainment District Pub Scene

Nagoya Entertainment District Pub Scene


Nagoya entertainment district

Or just called NED, this compact district is bounded by the Melia Panorama, Goodway and Harmoni hotels. Lucy's Oarhouse is easiest to find, turn left out of the Melia’s front entrance and walk 100m. The famous PP Banana GoGo is upstairs. Rio Rita is over the road. Turn right out Lucy's front door and you can see the Jungle Bar, Classics, Red Cock, Bistro, Ice Pub and Steps Music Lounge.  McDonald's, Kentucky Fried Chicken and several  money changers are in the same area.

Some more places: New Place, Bistro, De Java's, Wallaby's, Hard Chili Cafe, The Flame, and Last Pub.  These are all in the same area, within walking (or crawling) distance within each other.

Also find the Memori Karoake, opposite the Melia and the Hawaii karaoke, beside the Harmoni (next to McDonalds). There are dozens of other karaokes and massage parlours in Nagoya. Among the better known are the Queen 8933 Massage. A kilometer away in the Pelita area, find Hotel Pelita karaoke, Hollywood “Sports Massage” and Maxim "nightclub" .

Pleasant evening drinks

Try the Planet Hotel’s rooftop bar (22nd floor) for a nice view of Nagoya and the Singapore Straits.

There are pleasant WINE BARS at Goodway and  Harmoni hotels . Try a Cheese Platter at the Goodway’s Hotel Wine Bar for  Rp45,000.

Live music nightspots

The most popular is the Tavern in the Melia. Also try the NoName in the Harmoni and Summit at the Planet hotel. All start getting busy by 10pm.


Batam has several large discos.  All are very dark, loud and smoky. The Pacific is the biggest and has the best sound system. All get busy around midnight.

Raunchy bars

Try the Jungle and Ice Pub. The PP Banana is the wildest and most fun - opens from 2pm on Fri/Sat/Sun, from 6.30pm midweek. See  www.

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