Cruises in Batam

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A vacation to this tropical island is incomplete without the experience of boat cruise. Batam Island is one of the most affordable holiday destinations in Southeast Asia, and has many tourists visiting throughout the year. Batam is very well connected with neighboring islands through ferry service. The main ports here are Batam Center, Waterfront City, Nongsapura, Sekupang and Telaga Punggur. The international ferry terminal is at Harbor Bay. While holidaying in Batam, you should not miss an opportunity to cruise, as prices are very reasonable when compared to other tropical islands. Touring the island on boat has an altogether different experience as compared to car or bike. Here you get a chance to see the natural beauty at its best.

Rempang and Galang Island Cruise

These islands are part of Riau province and are connected with Batam by the Barelang Bridges. However, taking a cruise down here is a memorable moment for everyone. The beautiful beaches and scenery are inspiring. You can't stop yourself from taking pictures of this amazing place. Melur Beach on Galang Island and Sembulang Beach on Rempang Island are less crowded as compared to other beaches in Batam. The peaceful atmosphere here will relax you. You can also try seafood from the restaurants near the beach.

Both the islands hold historical significance. During World War II, Allied forces held Japanese prisoners in Rempang Island while Galang Island was a refugee camp for Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia between 1976 and 1996. The refugee village is now known as Vietnam Village.

Another significant place here is the Quan An Tu Monastery. This was built in 1984 and is the main attraction. Barelang Bridges is another attraction. These are six bridges that connect the small islands to the mainland Batam.

Batam River Cruise

This is the leisure cruise on the Sambau River and is tourist package of Batam Beach View Resort. It starts from resort and moves towards the gateway of the commercial center and administrative hub of the island, Batam Center. The cruise gives you magnificent view of Batam Island. There is more to see in the tour with the golf course, kampong and the mangrove swamps. The mangrove tour offers great insight of the marine life here. Kampong is famous for its natural beauty. The combination of untouched beauty and calm ambiance is difficult to find anywhere else.
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