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Morning broken in Martapura river

Morning broken in Martapura river

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Banjarmasin is addressed as city of the water and also one of the Venice in Asia.  Becomes provincional city of South Kalimantan, most of daily activities in this city happened in Barito and Kapuas rivers.  Locals built houses by the rivers, buying and selling stuffs by the rivers and visit other places also by the rivers.  Usually they take traditional boats powered by engine named klotok.

It's a worth trip to take a klotok trip early morning and visit two of big floating markets in Banjarmasin, named Pasar Kuin and Lokbaintan. There can be seen before the sunrise, people gathers using boats and do transaction for fresh veggies, fruits, meats and fish and several daily utensils, from tooth paste, shampoo, soya sauce to condensed milk!

And not to be missed is about floating resto among the boats of veggies and fruits. You can pick the snacks from your boat and order their local light soup called Soto Banjar, served with rice cake named ketupat.


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