Songan Travel Guide

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Located at the north end of Lake Batur inside Batur crater, the attraction of Songan is its spectacular location. Following the lake shore all the way to the crater wall you come to a temple. Past the temple there is a steep trail that climbs up to the rim of the crater. It is a short but strenuous climb to spectacular views.

Looking back the way you came you see the giant Batur crater, with a volcano rising up out of the center and much of the crater floor covered by Batur lake. Looking down the other side of the rim you see the ocean far below, and a line of volcanoes going off into the distance, including on a clear day the island of Lombok.

In Songan you will find at least one hotel and restaurant, serving delicious fish freshly caught from the lake.

Songan is also a good base for a climb up Mount Batur.

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