Family Travel Ideas in Kuta

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Upon leaving the airport in Bali, you'll be greeted with a feeling of happiness enjoyed by the predominately Hindu, Balinese people. The small Indonesian island is enshrouded with beauty, history and mystery. The beautiful, lush tropical landscape, coral reefs and blue waters teem with wildlife unique only to Indonesia. The hot air and high humidity is part of daily life and after a day or so, you'll get used to it too. All of the hotels in Bali accommodate to the heat and come equipped with air-conditioning and (more often then not) a number of pools. There are so many ways to enjoy Bali and it really does cater to all types of travellers especially families. Many families travel to Bali a number of times a year due to its proximity, low cost and range of activities to suit the needs of all ages.

Balinese Temples

Visit one of the several temples in Bali within close proximity to Kuta. The most visually stunning and important to the Balinese are the Pura Besakih and the Tanah Lot. The Pura Besakih is located on the slopes of Mt Agung and his over a thousand years old. The backdrop behind the temple will be a photo opportunity not to be missed. The sea temples at Tanah Lot are also certainly worth a visit as at sunset it is in silhouette.


Many of the beaches in Bali provide a wide range of activities including some extreme sports and water sports. It is important to note that Bali has many dirty beaches, which are not worth visiting. Nusa Dua is located in Southern Bali (about 40 minutes from Kuta) and has a wide range of activities for everyone to enjoy. The beach is lined with some of the worlds more luxury hotels and is also famous for its water sports. The water sports hut offers everything from banana boat rides to parasailing and snorkelling all at a reasonable price. Having lunch in Nusa Dua is also a must.


Ubud is the artistic region of the island, which is located about 2 hours from Kuta up in the mountains. Ubud is the host to many local and international art galleries and market places. The markets are generally much cheaper here then the more tourist populated Kuta. On the drive up to Ubud there is a famous monkey forest, which is enjoyable for both adults and children.


Kuta itself is a very happening part of Bali and all can enjoy the seemingly endless markets, restaurants and shops. Many choose to stay in Kuta due to the large availability of hotels and relatively safe environment. A number of family activities can also be arranged from your hotel including white water rafting, elephant rides and a scenic volcano tour. A sunset seafood dinner at Jimboran Bay is certainly not to be missed. There is just something about picking your live food fresh before it is whisked away and cooked to order. Be wary of street vendors as many will end up overpaying. Seek advice from your hotel reception. Bali is a truly wonderful holiday destination for families that will leave you wanting more of the majestic island. With so many activities and unique destinations it will be impossible to see it all in one go.
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