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Denpasar is exceptional in the manner it blends traditional customs with modern, contemporary lifestyles. This aspect is best represented by the vast range of Denpasar Shopping opportunities. Denpasar’s densely-populated, rural provinces blend with its urban areas to provide multiple shopping options as detailed below:

Traditional Denpasar Shopping

Visitors can look forward to a typical rural shopping experience in Denpasar, wherein traveling on foot to explore the natives' offerings is the method of choice. These shopping sites are often referred to as "shopping villages." However, none of these places is exactly a village—rather, they are small neighborhoods that have retained the traditional mannerisms. Visitors can shop for small statues of various Hindu gods that are sold in small stalls. One recommended place is the Jalan Gajah Mada. This is also referred to as the Old City Centre. It consists of numerous, densely-packed shops selling native architectural creations such as kori decorations. A popular attraction here are the hand-puppet shows. The Night Market of Denpasar is called the "Pasar Malam." It begins during the early afternoon period and starts to fold up only when the cops begin their nightly shifts.

Offbeat Denpasar Shopping

In terms of unusual shopping options, Denpasar offers two: the Pasar Sanglah and Pasar Burung Satria. These two markets are commonly called the Bird Markets, and are infamous for their overcrowded streets. The entire experience could be unnerving for first-time visitors. However, these markets are still frequented by tourists. Visitors like to observe various types of native and imported birds being sold along with many other animals, including dogs and fishes. Visitors can also watch the notorious bird-fighting duels being conducted in small, makeshift arenas.

Conventional Denpasar Shopping

The other side to Denpasar Shopping is its larger, more modern markets. The biggest market in Denpasar is the Badung Market located along the Gajah Street.  This market is open throughout the day and sells everything that a tourist could demand. However, Badung’s specialty is its large range of Indonesian handicrafts. The other big market is the Kumbasari Market. Located along the Badung River, it is popular for its range of fabrics. The Sanglah Market should be visited for discount-heavy shopping. The biggest shopping mall in Denpasar is the Ramayana Shopping Mall. Enveloped in a striking shade of bright orange, this mall is the favored place for picking up discounted clothing brands. It also houses many departmental stores that offer branded confectionary items apart from a vast food court.


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