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Mango Tree Villas

Mango Tree Villas


The Balangan village is one of the villages which located on the south of Bali island. The Balangan village include subdistrict of Jimbaran . Balangan was the village with the more unfertile land or almost completely dry land with the limestone here and there.

The Balangan village was name as one of a poor village in south of Bali becaused by the inhabitants could not work on the soil like the pther villages around Bali island that has a fertile land and abundant ofwater.
The crop that could grow fertile only peanuts and the soybean.

The Balangan village began to be able to enjoy the electricity current from the government since 1993 and clean water from PDAM entered after 1998. Before that the inhabitants here relied only from the diesel engine for the need of electricity and accommodated the rain water to satisfy the requirement for water as a day life. Still could be seen in almost each of the inhabitants’s house in Balangan village, they had a big water reservoir to accommodate the rain water

The development turning-point for the village of Balangan was since the entry of clean water and electricity to the village and trigger the property development especially when it was pioneered by the villas that was owned by the foreigner.
The first area which give more interest was the tundun penyu area which situated on  the peak of a hill with view of the gulf of Jimbaran and Benoa bay. If you see to the north after the rain drops then you will see the mountain rank far up north. Really was very picturesque scenery.This area was as the birth of the development property in the village of Balangan. This of only as the beginnings because now after the Pecatu Graha Residence  was open all the places in the village of Balangan until  the beach with bright white sands.
This beach of Balangan is located on the north side the Dreamland beach who became the new attraction for the surfer and the sunset seekers.

Because the village of Balangan was located on neighbouring with the mega project Pecatu Graha Residence then the village of Balangan is affected by this current situation of large-scale and international developments project. At this time the land that is located at the edge of the beach and in the peak of the hill often seek by the investors.

With the benefit from geography situation  and the location that is strategic close to facilities like the golf-course, the white sand beach, the soon build International hospital, the five star hotels, the elite’s residential as well as boutique villas, then the village of Balangan will become one of the locations for residential for the upper class.

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