Practical Information in Siem reap

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When travelling to Siem Reap, practical information is important in both planning your trip and during your time there. Here is a list of information that you'll find useful for your visit to Siem Reap.

Formal Name: Siem Reap (City)

Province: Siem Reap Province

Country: Kingdom of Cambodia

Language: Khmer; English and French widely spoken

People: Khmer (95 percent)

Currency: Cambodian Riel, US Dollar widely used

Time Zone: UTC + 7; No Daylight Saving Time

Voltage: 220 V; 50 Hz

Outlets: 2 Flat Blades; 2 Round Pins; 3 Flat Blades (2 parallel, 1 grounding)

Climate: Tropical

Country Code: 855

City Area Code: 063 (Drop the 0 when dialling internationally)

Visas: Available upon arrival for most visitors at the airport. 6 months validity on passport is required. Cost is USD 20 for a 30 day tourist visa. You can also obtain a visa at your nearest Cambodian Embassy prior to travel or just before crossing into Cambodia at many land crossings.

Population: Siem Reap Province: 903,030 people

Size: Siem Reap Province: 10,299 square kilometers

Density: Siem Reap Province: 87.7 people per square mile

Vaccines: No vaccines are required for entry into Cambodia, but it is recommended that you have your Hepatitis shots up to date. It is also recommended that you carry anti-diarrhea tablets and do not drink the water.

Banking: Banks are open from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday to Friday. Most will change traveler's cheques ( USD is preferred) and exchange currency. Keep in mind when exchanging US Dollars, both in giving and receiving, a torn bill is usually worthless. The same does not apply to Riel.

ATMs : There are ATMs available in Siem Reap. They only give US Dollars. Because of this it is important to note that the US Dollar has become an accepted form of currency in the city. Hotels and restaurants will list prices in USD . Taxi drivers and children selling knick - knacks on the streets will quote 1 USD as the price where it is much cheaper in Riel. If you can, carry Riel.

Tipping: While it is not compulsory, tipping is common and appreciated in Siem Reap.

Airports: Siem Reap-Angkor International Airport is located just outside of Siem Reap. The 7 kilometer trip can be made by taxi or bike, with a charge of about USD 5 and USD 1 respectively. Keep in mind that many hotels offer free transport from the airport, so arrange this early if possible.

Transportation: The tuk tuk is the most common form of transportation in Siem Reap. They are cheap and reliable and will often offer daily services. Taxis are more expensive. You can also hire bicycles and many hotels will offer you the use of a bicycle for free.

Embassies: All foreign embassies are located in Phnom Penh .

Police Emergency: 117

Fire Emergency: 118

Hospital Emergency: 119

Tourist Police: (012) 96 99 91 or (012) 40 24 24

Departure Tax: USD 25 for foreigners on international flights.

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