Getting Around in Siem reap

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Siem Reap transportation is plentiful and a bit overwhelming at times. But getting around isn't too difficult once you've gotten to beautiful Siem Reap. Transportation for visitors usually comes in three forms: taxis, tuk tuks and bicycles. Here's a look at what each one offers in getting around Siem Reap.


The most expensive way to travel around Siem Reap is by taxi. Taxis are generally not metered and drivers will quote you prices in US Dollars rather than Cambodian Riel. You will likely have a hard time getting them to agree to the standard local rate, but if there are several of you to share the cost, it's not too bad. And it can be worth the extra money if the weather is bad. To get an idea of pricing, the cost of the 7 kilometer trip from the airport to the city center is about USD 5.

Tuk Tuks

A great way to get around Siem Reap is the tuk tuk, basically a metal rickshaw attached to a motorbike. They do have flaps that can be lowered in the rain or to help block the wind, but if it's early morning they can get quite cold. They're generally cheaper than taxis and are a great way to get around Siem Reap. Transportation to the temples can also be arranged, usually for around USD 20 for the entire day, starting with a sunrise view of Angkor Wat.


There are several places around Siem Reap to rent bicycles for daily use. They're great for getting around the city, though not recommended for further trips. Many hotels offer free use of bicycles, so ask when you check in.

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