Budget Travel Ideas in Siem reap

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Despite the fact that it is now the second most popular tourist destination in Cambodia, Siem Reap is still a great place for budget travelers. From dirt-cheap rooms in guesthouses to street restaurants selling delicious local foods, Siem Reap has something to offer even the most cost-conscious of tourists.

Budget transportation in Siem Reap

Since Siem Reap is a compact city, walking is usually the best option. For longer rides, such as going to the Angkor temples, bicycles can be rented at most guesthouses for $1/day. Some guesthouses even provide them for free!

Unfortunately, during the rainy season from July to October it can become very difficult to walk or ride a bicycle through the muddy streets of Siem Reap. If it is the case, a taxi then becomes your only option. A ride within Siem Reap usually costs merely $1 to $3.

Cheap meals in Siem Reap

In Cambodia, pork, fish and chicken can be safely ordered anywhere. However, most travelers should stay away from beef, especially in budget restaurants. Since Cambodia still is a very poor country, the temptation is strong for cooks to replace beef with dog or cat meat!

Food stalls can be found throughout the city. The stalls near Pub Street usually have menus in English and are particularly recommended for budget travelers. A meal there, usually fried noodles or rice, costs about $1. Don’t hesitate to bargain if a higher price is first quoted.

Most markets, such as the Old Market or the Angkor Night Market, also have a selection of food stalls. Since hygiene in those places can sometimes be questionable, it is best to first take a good look at the cook and his utensils before ordering. Most meals there are also priced at about $1.

Budget accommodation in Siem Reap

While most budget guesthouses are in the $5-7/night price range, dormitory rooms are also available at certain guesthouses for $1/night.

One such place is Garden Guesthouse which is located near the Angkor Night Market. Their dormitory is clean and tends to be quite cool. They also offer cheap drinks throughout the night.

Family Guesthouse is located near the Old Market, in the center of Siem Reap. It offers single air-conditioned rooms for $6/night and twin rooms for $8. Breakfast is included.

Mandalay Inn is one of the most popular guesthouses amongst budget travelers. It is located near the Old Market and offers large air-conditioned rooms for as little as $7/night. It also has a great restaurant with a large selection of Cambodian, Thai and western food.

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