Tuol Sleng Museum

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The museum is a former high school which became a Khmer Rouge prison and torture chamber during its reign of terror. The prison cells the hundreds of photographs of people killed in the prison the map of Cambodia made of human skulls the paintings detailing methods of torture used in the prison are horrifying—only seven out of more than 30 000 inmates survived. But part of what makes a visit there such an extraordinary emotional experience is that the guides have themselves had first-hand exposure to the excesses of the Khmer Rouge and they share their stories with visitors. Similarly the Killing Fields of Choeung Eik—one of the most chilling sites in the world—can also be visited. Most of the prisoners of Tuol Sleng were buried there in mass graves. A glass stupa contains 8 500 skulls that were unearthed before excavations were halted and fragments of bone teeth and clothing still litter the area.

Visitors should be cautioned as to the environment and feel of this "museum". This is not Cambodia, just a rough point in time so one should not think this is what the country is about. If you choose to visit this site, consider it on the first day as it will depress you.

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