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Angkor is a truly unique holiday destination where you can experience the mystic and splendour of an ancient civilisation while still enjoying the comfort of modern amenities. My name is Sopheap(nickname Tee) and I am an experienced tour consultant living in Siem Reap, the modern-day city in Cambodia where the ancient Angkor is situated.


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Tuk-Tuk, Cyclo and Moto

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In modern Cambodia, most people own cars and this is how they travel. But some still travel by foot or tuk-tuk, perhaps cyclo or moto. Cyclo is cheap, you can travel long distances with very little money, but it takes more time as the person on the back has to pedal, turn and stop with his own two legs. Many people can fit on a cyclo, but no one considers the pedaler and how much weight he has to carry. Moto is slightly more expensive but isnt as safe as there is no helmet law in Cambodia, only the most of three or four more..

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