Battambang Travel Guide

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View of Battambang

View of Battambang

Anja C

Battambang lies in the northwest of Cambodia, a four hour drive from Poipet (Thai Border, be aware a real rough road ;) or 4..5 hours by boat from TonleSap Lake (Siem Reap). It is a large regional city with strong ties to Thailand. Much of the trade between the two countries passes through Battambang. There are several interesting temples in the city and day excursions to surrounding areas can easily be arranged. Visit the Wat Banan, which is even older than most structure of Angkhor!

The temples of Angkhor and the Tonle Sap lake are also easily reached from the city.

Battambang is Cambodias second largest town, but is unbelievable quiet: anno 2001: maybe there were no more than 100 tourists/travellers in the town, and it was best clean hotel comfort for "small money" (app. us$ 10 for a large and clean french-style hotel room)

If you do visit Battambang, try to arrive by one of the many boats that are continually coming and going. The sight of 20 or so touts (locals trying to get you to stay in their particular hotel or hostel) swimming out to be the first to hand you a business card is definitely a sight for travel weary eyes.

If you are leaving Battambang and travelling to ?????, there are many taxis that leave the central markets each morning. All prices are negotiable and get cheaper as the morning progresses. Vehicles range from the very cheap, open air utility type trucks to fully air conditioned, late model cars. You do get what you pay for though and the roads to ????? are littered with pot holes, so something with good suspension is adviseable.


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