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Anni Harris

The most important archaeological site in Cambodia is the City of Angkor. It is estimated that over one million people lived there; making it the largest metropolis in its time.

Witness the two hand dug reservoirs that served the civilization's rice growing agriculture: The Eastern Baray measures 7 km by 1.8 km and the Western Baray a staggering 8 km by 2.3 km.

 The 'lost City' of Angkor was to remain undiscovered by mostly French archaeologists until the late 19th century and ever since has continued to amaze all who see it for the first time. The temple is accessible by a giant stone causeway across the hundred ninety meter moat to the west face of the Wat. This is in itself an incredible feat of engineering.

The three most amazing temples at Angkor are the Angkor Wat, The Bayon, with its multi faced towers and Ta Phrohm, the famed jungle temple, which was deliberately left un-restored.

Most people recommend to visit these sites several times to appreciate their grandeur.


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