Bangar Travel Guide

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Bangar is a small town in Brunei that is about 3 blocks wide and has one main road that goes through town. There is a quarry where they harvest boulders that are shipped out to be used in construction. 

Ulu Temburong National Park

The Ulu Temburong National Park is outside of Bangar and is reachable only by long boat. The big attraction is the Canopy Walkway is set in the tree tops of the rain forest. Many excursions stop at a small chalet 1,266 up from the ground first for the night as there are air conditioned rooms with bunk beds. You will come to a 160 foot scaffold that tends to sway in the wind and the real climb begins. Keep climbing to reach the viewing platform above the trees of the rainforest. Here you will see a view not too many others have seen. Make sure you took the climb with your camera as you will never see anything like this again. The Ulu Temburong National Park is also known for being the home of the rare proboscis monkeys and you may be able to catch a glimpse of them. 

Lunch is served after climbing back down and consists of rice, stew, and prawns topped with bananas. On the way back you may have a real treat. During the rainy season guests are treated to “floating” instead of getting out of the boat and helping to carry it to deeper waters.  It is advised to wear water shoes as the stones on the bottom are quite sharp. To float catch the current and white water raft with your body. It is quite fun and exhilarating. Most of these excursions cost somewhere around £45.

Lodging and Transportation

Bangor has a tourist office looking like the other buildings in the area, made of wood and open air. Here you can find transportation around town or find one of the Iban longhouses where you can stay. The nearest hotel is 15 miles away so plan on staying in a longhouse or in the Youth Hostel, Pusat Belia, across the street. 

Shopping and Restaurants

There are two rows of row shops in the middle of town where you can purchase local wares. There is a restaurant there with a mix of Chinese and Malaysian food. Their specialty is udang gallah or river prawns.

The attractions in this small town are like none other. No wonder so many tourists go to Bangar.

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