Pinnawela Travel Guide

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Pinnawela elephant orphanage has existed since 1975.This prompted the Sri Lankan government to found an orphanage for elephants that had lost their mothers or herds.


At Pinnawela an attempt was made to simulate, in a limited way, the conditions in the wild. Animals are allowed to roam freely during the day and a herd structure allowed to form.

08.00 - The babies are fed on milk in the mornings

10.00- The animals are walked to the   river  Maha Oya for a bath.

13.00 - The babies are fed on milk in the afternoon

14.00 - the animals are walked 400 meters to the river Maha Oya for a bath.

Between 16.30 and 18.00 - In the evening the animals are taken to their stalls and tethered for the night.

They are then given their evening feed which is milk again for the babies and leaves for the older ones.

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