Top 5 Must Do's in Pakistan

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Pakistan has a rich history and this is reflected by the many sites that are worth visiting during your trip. Out of the abundance of tourist attractions there are 5 sites that are must sees.

Shalimar Gardens

The Shamil gardens are located 5 km from the old city. They are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Shahjehan, who was a great patron of architecture during the Mughal area, built the Shalimar gardens during the 16th century. From the 16th until the 19th century the gardens were used as royal gardens by the Mughals and their splendor reflects this royal heritage. In 1818 the gardens fell into a state of disrepair as the Sikh ruler of that time turned them into a stable area. During British rule, the gardens were restored and the public was granted access to the gardens. When Pakistan gained independence, the Pakistani government launched further restoration projects to create the magnificent Shalimar gardens that we see today.

The gardens consist of 3 terraces that are each raised 4 to 5 meters. The terraces are named "Bestower of Pleasure," "Bestower of Goodness" and "Bestower of Life." A complex irrigation system was built where the "Shah Nahar" canal was located in the gardens and was used as a water source and for the abundance of fountains. The Shalimar gardens contain magnificent palaces, mosques, canals and flower beds. The garden spans over 80 acres and on the outskirts of the area a brick wall surrounds it. State receptions are held at these gardens. The gardens are a perfect way to escape from the city and take a relaxing walk. A suggestion for a day's outing is to have a picnic in one of the gardens.

The Silk Road

The silk road has a pivotal role in history as it was an important trading route. The route goes through the Himalayas and across the Indus River. In the Himalayan mountain range is K-2 which is not only a magnificent site but also a legend amongst climbers.

Clifton Beach

Located in Karachi, Clifton beach is a beautiful beach that is a must see attraction for beach lovers who visit Pakistan.


Taxila is an ancient city which boasts many archeological ruins that are must see tourist attractions. Taxila is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located 35 km from Islamabad. The city is rich with art culture and local traditions. It also is a significant site for tourists interested in Buddhism because, historically, the city has links with Buddhism and many of the ruins reflect this.

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