Tibbi Qaisrani Travel Guide

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Tibbi Qaisrani

Tibbi Qaisrani

Dawo Wali

Tibbi Qaisrani (Tibbi Kaura Khan Qaisrani) is well growing Union Counsel of tehsil Taunsa.
Population: 30,000 approximately
          There is only one girls high school for this highly populated area, and a secondary school for boys. This area is mostly agricultural and most of the people belong to agriculture..
           This land produced many highly dignified people. Sardar Kaura Khan Qaisrani was one of them. He was the Hero of history. He faught against the English during Their reign.
        In his honor this city was named as Tibbi Kaura Khan, later it was changed to Tibbi Qaisrani. PTV (Pakistan Television) telecast a play named "Kaura Khan" in a series of "Wafa Kay Paikar" to solute this great Hero of history.
I am Proud to be his grand son

Engr. Mohammad Hayat Qaisrani
Tibbi Qaisrani

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