Senior Travel in Pakistan

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When traveling to this beautiful Islamic country an exciting and rewarding part of your trip is to develop a Pakistan Senior Travel plan. Pakistan is a place that stands as a crossroads between South Asia, Central Asia and the Middle East. There have been many cultures that previously inhabited the country we know as Pakistan today, giving senior travelers the opportunity to be enriched by diverse sight-seeing tours. Depending on what your tastes are you can venture out to the mountainous countryside or stay in the more modern cities. Seeing that the lifestyles of the people here are easy-going you will have a great time getting along with the locals. Pakistan waits for you to enjoy its wonders.

Transportation and Accommodations

For the more mature travelers there are many airlines flying into the Middle Eastern and Southern Asian countries that offer you lower or special rates. KLM, PIA and Air China are well known international airline companies that fly to cities like Lahore and Karachi. It is easy for you to arrange connections at a cheap rate to get you to that special destination you desire.

You will find that the hotel accommodations are among the best in the world. Hotels like the Holiday Inn Center in Lahore or the Marriott in Karachi are 2 of many hotels that have reduced rates yet  provide an abundance of comfort and style to make this trip your best yet.

Activities and Events

Whether you are a senior traveler who likes to venture into the outdoors or are more apt to see what the cities are like, Pakistan will meet your needs. Tours companies such as Elder Treks and Baltistan Tours provide entertaining and learning excursions to this diverse country. They have cultural trips that take you sight-seeing to ancient architectural wonders. Plus there are many road trips into the mountains to see events like their yearly Shandor Polo Championship at the ‘roof of the world.’ Another favorite is the several-day expedition down the well-known ancient Silk Road. In the large cities of Pakistan like Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi you will find many touring companies that bring visitors on rides that show off their splendor. It is also possible to get tours already set up for you as a package deal by a travel agent.

Other Additions

As with any trip, have your required paperwork completed as soon as you can before leaving home. The health response for foreign travelers is not real quick, so be sure to have all shots and special medical issues taken care of before departing from your country. Pakistan is an exceptional place to travel to so make it the best time of your life.    

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