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Kastir Gul Known as Hazrat kaka Sahib was a great saint. Being the 23rd saint in his family lineage, kaka sahib remained one of the great saints of his time. He was a saint by birth hence was called the "saint of the saints".

prominent exegestes and scholars of his age accorded him immense respect while he used to run six religious schools of islamic learning in the area. People used to throng his residence in the holy month of rajab for Tazkiya tun Nafs where they used to indulge in Zikro-fikr and ibadah. They used to bring along with them edibles to the remotely situated abode of this scion of the family of the holy Prophet.

A tradition was established after the death of this great saint that the followers used to throng the same place at the same point of the year. they used to alight fire at different points in order to make thier movement easy in the dark. Even after the supply of electricity to the area the people maintained the custom that took the name of Charagan or lighting in the area.

It is now an established custom that people from all across the frontier and other parts of the country get together in the village and celebrate the spritual and relgious services rendered by this great saint whose sons have been icons in their ways.

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