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Kheshki is the name of a tribe which has brotherly relations with Muhammad Zee. Like other tribals, this tribe has also migrated from Ghwara Marghai (Afghanistan) and started living in the present locality in 1515. One big portion of this tribe migrated to the north west of Afghanistan and started living in Darrah Ghorband. Its third big portion went to Qasoor(west Punjab) and started living there in 1526.Then from there some of its branches went to Khorjah(India). and lived there. Apart from this, some people of this tribe went to Tanda and Hero Daal and some of them did migrate to Dera Ismail Khan, Bannu, Lakki Marwat, Bahawal Poor, Multan and started living there. Some people of this tribe are also living in Ghinta Ghar (PESHAWAR) which is known by "Mahallah Kheshki". Apart from these areas some families of this tribe live in Charsadda Khas and some families live in Hazarah also. Kheshki Tribe has produced great Generals and Ahle Qalam.Mehmood Khan Kheshki and Shah Nazar Khan Kheshki were the great and popular generals of Mughal army. In Ahle Qalam Arzani Kheshki was the great poet of Pushto history. He is the first ever poet in Pushto history having a Deewan of his own about Pushto poetry. Abdullah Khan Kheshki was also a famous Aalim and Mohaqqiq. This tribe has also produced some famous Awliya-e-Karam who are more than 50 in number. The most famous of them are Haji Gagan Shoryani Kheshki, Sheikh Wato Kheshki, Sheikh Ahmad Atozee Kheshki, Mian Channo Kheshki and Arzani Zerzee Kheshki.

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