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Sajid Iqbal Daudzai Advocate was born on March 1972 in the house of Abdul wakil khan Daudzai at Azakhel Bala Tehsil & District Nowshera N.W.F.P (Khyber Pukhtoon khwa .

          His family is farming in Azakhel bala and his grandfather started businiss in Peshawar but due to non education his partner deceived his partnership. His grandfather was straight forward and simple man. He spook one talk and beleives on one talk so he gave up his partnership with partner. His grandfather was a famous businissman and was a merchant. His grandfather did not improve his businiss due to lake of education.  His grandfather has also taken part in politics with late khan Abdul Ghafar khan baba and he was Captan of National Awami Party Nowshera. 

           Father of Sajid Iqbal got little education and not pass SSC examination and joined Police department as a constable. His father did not promote in department due to his serious mood and he never obeyed wrong orders of his senior officers. His father was also like Awami National Party. His father was intellegent officer and was famous as Marchal Law in Police department. His father spent his whole service in offices and never tryed to do duty in police satation. His father retired as SI from police department as his turnee retired as DSP and SP. There are no value of honest and good officers in Pakistan .

           Sajid Iqbal Daudzai Advocate got his SSC examination in 1988 from his village Govt High School Azakhel bala and always took 1st position in his school. He was also the best player of Basket ball at school time. He got FSc and BSc from Governament Degree College Nowshera. He was not only top his college in Bsc Part one but also took 5th position in Peshawar University, during the college life he was related with Pukhtoon student federation.  He support ANP in general election 1990 and ANP won both seats (NA 4 and PF10) but ANP did not fillfull the demonds of the people of Azakhel bala. So Sajid iqbal gave up ANP in 1991. In general election 1993 Sajid Iqbal Support cadidate of Jumati Islami and his Father with his family supproting ANP.  Sajid Iqbal with His friend Mujahid Gul for 1st time introduce Jumati Islami in Azakhel bala and candidate of Jumati Islami got good position in Azakhel Bala.

            Sajid Iqbal took admission in Library Science Department at Peshawar University. He got M,Lise  from Library Science Department as reguler student from peshawar University and M.A Islameyat as Private candidate.

            Sajid Iqbal Daudzai Advocate took part in politics during study at university too and become Rukan of jumati islami. Here he start his political carrier and decide to be a politican for ever and for this purpose he decide to get law graduation and he did LLB from Peshawar University. he start his proffession carrier as lawyer in Disrict court Nowshera. He go so farward in politics that in very short time he become Presedent of Shahbabi Milli District nowshera. He was also remain Zonal Ameer of PF 13 and General sectory of Jumati Islami Azakhel Bala. In general election 2002 Qazi Hussain Ahmad took 1369 votes in azakhel bala and it was 2nd highest votes of Qazi Hussain Ahmad on village basis in NA 5. When MMA came in Governament Sajid Iqbal Daudzai Advocate give resighn from Jumati Islami, during his Governament.

             Sajid Iqbal Daudzai advocate also work for Humen Rights and invite Malik Habib Orakzai President of Pakistan Internation Humen Right Orakzai and esteblish Pakistan International Humen Rights Organization District nowshera. Sajid Iqbal Daudzai Advocate become General Secretory of Pakistan International Humen Right Organization District Nowshera.

             He contest election for Nazim ( Mayor) 2004 and elected as Nazim union council Azakhel bala. He joined Pakistan Muslim League (Q) for development of his village. He did alot of work for his village i.e Street lights, Water supply, Water pumps for poor peoples with help of NGOs, Electric supply with the help of Main Yahya Shah kakakhel and Ameer Muqam Federal Minister, Cause way bridge between Azakhel bala and Dagi Jadeed, Water supply for agricultur purpose. Ameer Muqam also take funds for concreeting the khwarh of Azakhel bala from President fund on the demonding of Sajid Iqbal Daudzai Advocate but due the completion process of contreeting the khwarh start after finishing of PML (Q) Governament  but the main aim was to concreeting the khwarh. Sajid Iqbal daudzai Advocate is now a days in London UK and he decide to contest coming Provinical assembly election from PF 13.  Inshallah that day is very near when he will be win the election for the development of PF 13 (Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa).