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Welcome to the Aza Khel Payan! This place is situated in District Nowshera of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Its Geographical Coordinates are: 33° 59' 0" North, 71° 53' 0" East and its original name (with diacritics) is Āza Khel Pāyān.Both Āza Khel Pāyān & Āza Khel Bālā were considered to be one village in the past & their combined name was Rāzā khel, named after an Afghān discoverer(i.e)Rāzā Khan's name, who discovered this place for the 1st time.After living together for decades,there arose a battle b/w two group of people which led to the division of teh village into to separate villages (i.e)Āza Khel Pāyān & Āza Khel Bālā.After Rāzā Khan, there came probably seven other brothers from Afghanistan for the purpose of trade in Animal skin & green tea.Of them 3-4 brothers left in the then known "Rāzā Khel" & one went to Mardan,One went back to Afghanistan.The 3-4 brothers left here were Zarif Khan (The Elder Brother), Mutazam Khan (2nd Bro), Saf Khan (3rd one) & the Arsala Khan.The village: Āza Khel Pāyān, is now divided into different Mohallas (sub-sections), some of which are named after their names (i.
e) Zarifkhel, Mutazamkhel, Safkhel & Arsalakhel. The other Mohallas are Shahbazgarh, Loharan, Takadaran (Old Name: Torkhelan, who came from Punjab),Awanan (Old Name: Shpāna), Shage Mohalla, Pass Mohalla, Kakakhel, Abak-khel (Myagān), Tarkānān (The Carpenters), Mochyān (The Cobblers), Qasābān (The Butchers), Jolagān, Molyān (The Muslim Scholars), Salihabād, Maroofkhel,etc. The population of the Village is about 25-30 thousand. The literacy rate is increasing very swiftly & is about 80-85 %. Its surrounded by the Cherat Mountains from the South & on about the same side, it has about a hundred Brick-Kline's. It has a beautiful Central Bazar named as Charsoo Bazar, which is well crowded in the evenings (specially on Thursdays & Weekends) & in the Eid days. Its well furnished & well occupied by a lot of different varieties of food articles. A person passing through this Bazar can't go home with empty stomach, without having something.The people from neighboring areas visit this place to have their dinners.Its one of the main source of income of the people. The village is gifted with the lush green fields,hillocks & a lot of greenery by the Allah almighty. The people of the village are hospitable, honest, pure in their thoughts, hard-working, trust-worthy, true to their promises.The village is full of the intelligent people serving in different fields both, in Govt Sector & in the Private Sector, In the Country & abroad.The villagers are Engineers, doctors,professors, economist, army officials, bank managers & high caliber officers. The village has concrete roads, Govt & Private Schools (both at the primary & secondary level,for boys & girls), its Basic Health Unit (BHU), Veterinary Doctors,its Post Office, its Union Council, Its police station,its petrol pumps, Govt Godowns (for storage of wheat & medicines) & play grounds etc. It has the Peshawar University's Botanical Garden, used for new research on plants.

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