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Mera (Ogali) Soon Valley

Mera (Ogali) Soon Valley

Malik Zia Sultan

Nowshera (Soon Valley-Khushab PUNJAB) is situated to the north of Khushab district, probabally the most populated area in the begining of northern hill areas(Salt Range). It has many small towns situated all around the beautiful Lake known as Jheel Uchhali. Overall it is called as Soon Valley, a beautiful hill station, people like to come from all over pakistan to visit the Sodhi Garden, Narvari Garden, Phulvari Garden & Kanhatty Garden. Soon Valley is blessed by Three lakes, the Uchhali lake, Khabaki lake and Jahlar Lake. In the winter season thousands of birds/ducks migrate from Ciberia which enhances the natural beauty of Soon Valley. The land of Soon is really fertile, it has the ability to cultivate almost all types of crops/Ajnaas. The most popular of all is the off season Gobhee(Coulieflower) and many other vegs of Soon Valley  (mainly from the small town known as Khohrah) which is famous all over Pakistan. 

In conclusion this is the most beautiful place of Pakistan where the Government never invested even a penny to promote tourism. Although Nowshera has a sub Tehsil status but people are demanding to give it the status of Tehsil so that all local governmental administrative structure can be based there. This can become a good vistors place and touristic attraction.



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