Muzaffar Garh Travel Guide

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Muzaffargarh is a district in the south of the Punjab province of Pakistan . It is spread over an area of 8,435 kmĀ². It forms a strip between the river Chenab on its east and Indus river on its West. It is one of oldest districts of Punjab . According to the 1998 census of Pakistan , the population of the district was 2,635,903 of which 12.75% were urban. it is the gateway of knowledge.

Four tehsils of muzaffar garh are Ali Pur, Jatoi, Kot Addu and Muzaffar garh.

Muzaffargarh is an important historical city of Pakistan . In the late 16th century a settlement known as Khokha Chowk emerged, a Chowk means Market and also a place where paths or roads intersect.

The importance of Khokha Chowk resulted in surrounding areas becoming settled. By the early 17th century, it had become a small town. It had been known by various names but finally became known as Muzaffargarh, after Muzaffar Khan of Multan . Muzaffar had shifted his headquarters from Khangarh to Muzaffargarh between 1764-96.

By 1864 Muzaffargarh had become a city and the headquarters of Muzaffargarh District. The economy of the city and district had evolved from nothing to the country level. The economic growth the area led to the building of Roads, High Schools, Colleges, District Hospital , and also industrial areas of the city.


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