Things to do in Lahore

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For those who are traveling to Pakistan, one of the best places to visit is Lahore. This wonderful city has a lot of interesting attractions and activities to offer, and you can rest assured that you will not have a dull moment when you are vacationing there. Here are some of the things that you should do when you are in Lahore.

Having Fun in Jallo Park and the Sozo Water Park

Jallo Park is located about 17 miles from downtown Lahore, on the same road that leads to the Wagah Border. This 450-acre park features a man-made lake, a drive-in zoo, children’s park, forest research center and a museum. You can take a stroll through the tranquil forested areas of the park, have a picnic or go boating in the lake. Also, the park is located close to the Sozo Water Park, which is a famous water-themed amusement park in Lahore. This water park is equipped with amenities such as wave pools and slides to provide the best entertainment for visitors. If you are traveling to Lahore with your children, this is one place that you must visit. You can get to Jallo Park by taxi, bus or rail.

Entertainment at Lahore Mini Golf

Mini Golf is one of the favorite recreational spots for both locals and tourists in Lahore. It's a huge park that offers a wide variety of entertainment. It has an artificial lake where you can paddle a boat, a rollerblading rink, a children’s playground, deer habitat, a food street and a mini golf course that offers great fun and challenge for all golfing enthusiasts. Whether you're one of those who enjoys a festive atmosphere or you just want to find a quiet spot to relax, you will have a most fulfilling day at Lahore Mini Golf. Entrance fee is only 2 rupees per person, and the rates for various types of entertainment are very affordable too.

Playing Cricket with the Locals

Pakistanis have a great passion for cricket, and the sport is just as popular in the city of Lahore. During the weekends, you will see adults and children playing cricket on open grounds and streets in most areas of the city. Some of them even play the sport on major avenues, when the traffic is low. You can just walk up to any of these cricket players and ask them if you can join them. Most of them will gladly let you have a few knocks on the bat.

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