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Sameera Kumar

Lahore is a city of great historic importance, depicting all the splendor, romance and mystery of the Mogul era. The Mogul heritage imparts to it the unique title of Garden of Mughals. At present, it is the proud capital of the Pakistani state of Punjab. But in the past Lahore also was the capital of many kingdoms through long periods of history, especially the administrative center of Akbar the Great, the famed Mogul emperor. Let’s explore the city with a view to find those locations that are of interest to senior citizens.

Royal Fort of Lahore

Sometime around the year 1566 AD, the Mogul Emperor, Akbar the Great demolished an existing mud fort and built a new one in its place. Later the legendary Shah Jahan built the resplendent palace of mirrors called Sheesh Mahal along with the Pearl Mosque and Shah Jahan’s triangle. The gateway of this fort faces the courtyard of Badshahi Mosque, considered to be the most splendorous mosque in the whole world and it was erected while Aurangzeb was the emperor.

Shalimar Gardens

These fabulous gardens, spread over an extent of 42 acres were created in 1642, when Emperor Shah Jahan held the reins of the mighty Mogul Empire. Constructed in the manner of Persian gardens, it boasts of a marble water fall, marble pavilions and no less than 400 fountains. Most state receptions of Pakistan are held within its fabulous precincts. Every March, a festival Mela Chiraghan is held outside the walls of this garden. The first and second terraces of Shalimar Gardens are equipped with special lights resplendently illuminating the whole area after sunset.  

The National Museum

Constructed in the Mogul-Gothic style and inaugurated in 1894 by no less a personage than Prince Albert Victor, the National Museum is by far the best and largest museum in Pakistan. It has 17 glorious galleries representing the rich culture and history of Pakistan and neighboring regions. Ranging from relics dating back to 500,000 years to more recent masterpieces, the museum displays a spectacular collection of artifacts representing the cultural heritage of Pakistan with an emphasis on Lahore. Buddhist statues in diverse attitudes that include the inimitable Fasting Buddha, a collection of rare Mogul art, ancient manuscripts, miniature paintings etc.are on display here. An added attraction is ZamZama also known as the Kim’s Gun as depicted in Rudyard Kipling’s famous novel of colonial times, Kim.

Anarkali Bazaar

This fascinating bazaar is considered the best shopping area in all of Lahore and is filled with lanes and alleys that contain hundreds of exotic shops selling exotic goods like handicrafts, embroidered apparel, beaten silver and gold jewelry, leatherwear, and creations in fabulous silk etc. The best part is, they can be bought at throwaway bargain prices. There are a host of other bazaars too but Anarkali takes the cake.

Since Lahore, Pakistan is a place of historical interest more than anything else, it is an ideal destination for any senior citizen. It is not an expensive city either, but one filled with many bargain shops and budget hotels. The weather is fine all the year around except during the summer when it can be very hot.

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