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Urs Hazrat Ali Hajveri

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Urs of Hazrat Ali Hajveri known as Datta Gunj Bukhsss in the end of march(25 onwards).

U can find edibles,qawali, entertainment and much more at reasonable price

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date:27-28-29 march
address:Data Darbar Lahore

World Performing Arts Festival

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Organized by the Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop, this is an annual event that hosts performers in a variety of genres from all over the world. Usually held in November of each year, the festival spans approximately two weeks and takes place at the Al Hamra theatre complex.

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Urs Madhu Laal Hussain Shah

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Shah Husayan (1538-1599) is commonly known as Madhu Lal Hussain, the story being that he adopted his Hindu friend Madhu Lal's name to immortalise their friendship. He was around during the time of the Mughal emperors Akbar and Jehangir. Though of a poor family, Hussain was highly educated.

His poetry is full of symbolism. Some of his most famous kafis feature the Charkha, as in those days foreign merchants used to sell cotton to Lahore, which the poor later weaved into cloth.

Hadrat Shah Lal Husayn of Lahore, a disciple of Bahlul Shah Daryai. His mother was a more..

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date:1599 AD
address:Near Shalamar Garden Lahore
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