Family Travel Ideas in Lahore

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Lahore is an intriguing mélange of a rich cultural legacy and a progressive present with its fascinating museums, tombs, gardens, bazaars and modern amusement parks. The historical lineage of the city combined with its new age attractions gives families the opportunity to explore several places. Here is a guide to enjoying a fun-filled family holiday in this hospitable Pakistani city.

The Wagah Border

Located at the international border with India, the place offers a unique opportunity to witness an exclusive military ceremony organized daily in the afternoons. This is the perfect place to get acquainted with the military culture of Pakistan. Female travelers must wear a scarf over their heads to honor and abide by the local customs. Visitors must settle down at the open-air stadium at least an hour before sunset to witness the most incredible post-sunset parade ceremony.

The Lahore Museum

Located at the Lower Mall Road, the museum offers a great showcase for the treasured bits and pieces of ancient and medieval undivided India. Families will enjoy examining the museum, discovering old Sikh and Hindu civilization items. There are also several representations of rare Persian calligraphy. The British Colonial era building itself constitutes an exhibiting architectural masterpiece kept in open air. This is a nice place for families to enrich their knowledge of the region's rich political, cultural and historical heritage.

Jallo Park

If you wish to hob-nob and be merry with the local folks while entertaining your family, the Jallo Park offers an ideal option. The high-flying 450-acre park is located behind the canal side road and showcases a variety of rides and along with an enjoyable zoo, a beautiful man-made lake, sprawling green lawns and a large children’s play park. There is also a miniature museum and an in-house gift shop, where you can pick up interesting souvenirs.

Badshai Masjid

The Badshai Masjid or the Emperor's Mosque can allow about 50,000 people to offer prayers together. Aurangzeb, the last powerful Mughal Emperor, had built the legendary mosque in 1673. Presently, it is the second largest mosque in Pakistan and constitutes a must see place for its awe-inspiring structure made out of startling red-sandstones depicting the beauty of intricate hand designs.

Nur Jehan Ka Maqbara

This place is all about the illustrious beauty of Nur Jehan, the legendary wife of Mughal Emperor Jehangir. Nur Jehan’s Tomb will give families an opportunity to know and inquire about one of the most talked-about influential female political characters of Indo-Pak history. The lady died in A.D. 1645. You will also find the tomb of Jahangir nearby.

Every inch of Lahore, a legendary city of the Indian sub-continent, will tell travelers some stories about the Mughals, Rajputs, Sikhs, British and the Lahoris.  Lahore not only unfolds vivid historical anecdotes but also makes visiting families a part of living history.

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