7 Day Itinerary in Lahore

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Lahore is one of the best options to visit when planning a trip to the Indian sub-continent. The city exudes a rich cultural and historical heritage and has been influenced by several empires, traces of which are evident in its art and architecture. Lahore once had the distinction of being the administrative capital of the united Punjab Empire and today it is one of the most economically active cities of Pakistan. Here is a well-planned 7-day itinerary to help tourists discover the ancient charm of Lahore.

Day 1: Time to Smell the Flowers

After a long plane journey, visitors should unwind by soaking in the beauty of the city by making a trip to the breathtakingly beautiful Shalimar Garden. Declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1981, the lush attraction boasts of over 400 fountains and splendid architecture spread over 658 meters of greenery. This is indeed an ideal place to let your hair down and relax.

Day 2: Past Perfect

Visit the Lahore Museum that displays several artifacts and other exhibits relevant to the prosperous history of Lahore. The 1894 built structure is also home to the statue of the Fasting Buddha. There are other colorful pottery creations and armory memorabilia from the city’s vibrant past.

Day 3: Historical Borders

Take the day out to visit Wagah border, sandwiched between India and Pakistan. There are ceremonies held throughout the day and night that involve carrying their respective national flags and parading by the Pakistan Rangers and India’s Border Security Force. The ceremonies may appear a tad too aggressive and hostile to visitors but that doesn’t take away from the fact that they are a visual treat. There are large grandstands built on either sides of the Wagah Border to accommodate tourists and locals. Watch the afternoon and post-sunset parade.

Day 4: Nature Discovery

Spend the day amidst natural beauty at the expansive Iqbal Park, which sees hundreds of nature enthusiasts making a beeline for its lush interiors. The park houses the popular monument Minar-E-Pakistan, a structure that pays homage to the Pakistan Revolution. This is also the hub of one of the most popular games in Pakistan--Kite Flying. Watch hundreds of kites of various sizes, shapes and colors light up the sky over this park.

Day 5: It’s Showtime

Performing arts patrons must visit the Alhamra Center, located a few feet away from Hotel Avari. The venue nestles 3 huge theaters, which host several musicals, plays, dance renditions and other performing arts events. An average show on any given day will cost betweem  PKR 150 and PKR 300. Visitors can make a trip to the nearby Anarkali and Barkat markets to pick up traditional crafts, exquisitely embroidered garments, silver jewelry and glass bangles. The markets are also great for savoring authentic street side Pakistani food.

Day 6: Children’s Day Out

Take the kids to Sozo Water Park, located at the Canal Bank Road. The fun-filled amusement has several water slides and theme pools to accommodate the entire family, even on the hottest days in Lahore.

Day 7: Tech Mania

Spend a day at the Hafeez Center, touted to be the largest and most advanced technological goods hub in the country. Visitors can buy the latest toys, gadgets, machines at the cheapest bargains one can ever bag. There are new as well as second hand goods lining up the racks of this humongous store.

Lahore is an eclectic holiday destination that has everything from monuments, museums and street side bazaars to modern performing arts centers, gardens and amusement parks.


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