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Abdul Wahab

Khan Pur is an important city in southern Punjab (seraikistan).It is a major railway junction on Karachi-Pashawar railway line.Before independence it was a district headquarter in Bahawal pur State but now it is a tehsil of Rahim yar khan district.Khan Pur is a city of rich culture and educated people.There are many educational institutes in the city.In this area people speak urdu,punjabi and sraiki languages.Khan Pur is close to Indian border in Cholistan area.Cholistan is a largest desert in Pakistan with very old archeological history.

Places Of Interest

Bhutta Wahan

It is situated at a distance of 16 kilometers in the North of Rahim Yar Khan, on the lost river Hakra. The village is said to be named after the name of Raja Bhutta who captured this locality after Raja Dahir. This village is also claimed to be the birth place of Sassi, the renowned heroine of Sassi-Pannun and of Ab-ul-Fazal and Fiazi, sons of Mullah Mubarik.

Baghla Fort

Remnants and ruins of this fort are about 34 kilometers in the south of Rahim Yar Khan city, in Cholistan area. In 1767 A.D., Ali Murad Pirjani, founder of Trinda Ali Murad Khan (a village in Thesil Rahim Yar Khan ) built this fort.

Islam Garh Fort

Islam Garh ,the old Bhinwar Fort, was built by Rawal Bhim Singh in Samabat in 1665, as the following inscription on its gate in Babri character proves "Samabat 1665 Asuj Wadi 2, Maharaj Rawal Siri Bhim Singh ji Maharaj". The Fort is situated in the Cholistan area of Tehsil Khanpur. It is 46 kilometers south east of Baghla Fort. The fort is in a dilapidated state.

Khair Garh Fort

Remnants and ruins of this fort are located, about 40 kilometers south of Khanpur Town, in the Cholistan area. In 1189 A.H. Haji Khan, son of Ikhtiar Khan built it and named it Khair Garh.

Mau Bubarik Fort

According to Tarikh-e-Murad, a fort was built by Raj Hans Karar in Mau Mubarik as a residence for his mother, hence the name Mau refers to mother in local language. The fort was taken by Shah Arghun in 1525 A.D. It was one of the six fortresses of Raj Sahasi 11. It had 20 bastions and Towers. The ramparts were about 549 meters in circumference and the walls very strongly and thickly built. Here the shrine of a saint Sheikh  Hakim is of great importance.

Pattan Minara

The ruins of Pattan Minara are located at a distance of about 8 kilometers in east south of Rahim Yar Khan city. It has variously been described as the remains of Asahoka period, who built it in 250 B.C. or a Buddist monastery. Nearby the minar, remains of a fort, a mosque and some tunnels are also visible. About 110 years ago Colonel Minchin a political agent of Ex-Bahawalpur state started the excavation of these tunnels but discontiued digging for some reasons or other. According to Colonel Toy it was the capital of the Hindu kingdom in 10 A.D. In the mid of the 18th century A.D. Fazal Elahi Khan Halani a Daupauta chief destroyed it and used its materials in the construction of Baghla and Dingar Fort.

Mosque Of Bhong

It is situated in the village Bhong at a distance of 28 kilometers from Sadiqabad and 53 kilometers from Rahim Yar Khan. It was constructed by Rias Ghazi Muhammad, a big landlord of Bhong. It has beautiful design of arts and crafts, with marble stones of various kinds and colors. It is well electrified with chandeliers of different kinds. It is a beautiful piece of architecture. Being a worth seeing religious place, tourists from far off places visit it frequently.

Palace Sultan Of Abu Dhabi

It is built by Shiekh Zayad- Bin-Sultan, ruler of Abu Dhabi. It is situated in sandy desert of Cholistan at a distance of 18 kilometers south-east from Rahim Yar Khan.  It has large and spacious buildings having two separate portions for ladies and gentlemen. Each portion contains rooms and chambers. There are beautiful lawns in it having different beds of flowers along the well-shaped roads. Many domestic birds like peacocks are also kept there. Sultan of Abu Dhabi visits this district for hunting and stays in this palace.

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