When to Go in Karachi

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The climate of Karachi is mostly dry. The good part is that Karachi is situated on the bay of Pakistan. Its coastal climate alleviates the dryness of the weather. The cold breeze from the sea helps soften the rays of the sun making the weather almost bearable. During the months of summer the weather is extremely, so hot that not even the cool breeze of the coast can help alleviate the heat. At times it gets intensely humid. 

Avoid Visiting during Monsoon Season

During the months of July and August it is advisable to avoid traveling to Karachi because that is monsoon season. Monsoon is a type of rain that hardly stops. This causes flooding and other problems.  Sometimes it is impossible to drive or to move around when it is constantly raining. Karachi is a cosmopolitan city and that means traffic is bad, especially during the rainy season. In July 2009 there was severe flooding due to the torrential rain and constant downpour over Karachi. This is the reason why Karachi should be avoided during the rainy season.

Visit during the Months of December and January

A good thing about the arid climate of the area is that it is not that cold during the winter. The heat of the area helps alleviate the cold weather of the winter months. However during the months of December to January there is a fair balance between the cold weather of the region with the arid climate of the place. And this makes the conditions perfect for outdoor activities and for tourists visiting Karachi.

Celebrations during December and January

Karachi is a place full of modernity and tradition. During the months where the climate is mild many people like to celebrate their weddings and festivals. One of these festivals is the Karafilm festival.

The Karafilm festival is a celebration of Pakistani cinema. Here they showcase the work of the most up and coming film directors as well as the work of the directors who are barely making a name for them in cinema. The festival is held yearly and it has been able to gather and international audience. In the modern city of Karachi there are many different cinema houses that also showcase international films from Hollywood and Bollywood alike.

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