Top 5 Must Do's in Karachi

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Karachi's must do's include museums, beaches and lakes. Karachi is the cultural and economical hub of Pakistan. The surrounding area has beautiful scenery. Karachi has a variety of entertainment including nightlife, restaurants and vibrant bazaars. In Karachi visitors can learn more about Pakistan culture and see local artwork. Local craft work makes good gifts and souvenirs of your trip. Activities such as golfing and yachting are also available.

Tombs of Chaukundi

The Tombs of Chaukundi are located 27 km from Karachi. They can be reached easily on the N-5 national highway. The tombs are made up of sandstone graves. These beautifully carved tombs were made in the 16th century. Designs on the tombs include images of flowers, jewelry, weapons, horses and horsemen. The designs are typical of the Sindh region and are unique to this area. The majority of the graves belong to the Jokhio and Baluch tribes. The graves are either on their own or in groups of 8 located on a platform. The tombs have grabbed the interest of many scholars and there are western documents recording information about the graves and their historical significance. The tombs have been protected under the Ancient Monuments Protection Act since 1904.

Haleji Lake

Haleji Lake is located 84 km from Karachi. Migratory birds from Siberia flock to this area so it is a good place for bird watchers. Haleji started as a salt water lake that formed naturally. During World War II a water source was needed for the soldiers and the lake was drained and fresh water was brought to the lake via a canal. This provided a water source for the soldiers and Karachi. The walk around Haleji Lake is 8 km long and at some parts of the lake the water is 17 feet deep.  There is a variety of tree species around the lake which provide shady spots to rest and escape from the sun. Rocky areas which form Pelican Island and Cormorant Island. These are good places to see birds. There are 223 different types of bird species at Haleji Lake including buzzards, flamingos and fish eagles.


If you are visiting Karachi, a trip to one of the bazaars is a must do. The vibrant bazaars offer a variety of crafts. They also offer a glimpse into the local culture. Sarafa Bazaar is a popular bazaar where you can buy gold and silver items. Other bazaars include Saddar Market and Express Market.

Clifton Beach

Clifton Beach is conveniently located and has a parking area for visitors. This beach is popular among both locals and tourists. The beach is usually deserted until the late afternoon when the weather is cooler and people can be seen going for a stroll down the golden sand which stretches for miles. There are vendors who sell refreshments along the beach. Crafts made out of sea shells are also on sale. Near to Clifton Beach are entertainment areas such as an aquarium and bowling center.

National Museum of Pakistan

Pakistan has a rich history which is reflected by this museum. This is an educational attraction where visitors can learn more about the past events that occurred in the region. The museum exhibits consist of artifacts that date back to ancient times. There are items from the Indus civilizations. Sculptures and paintings are remarkable examples of Pakistani art. The museum also has important documents that illustrate Pakistan's history.

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