Senior Travel in Karachi

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Karachi is a wonderful place to visit in the Arab world. It is a mixture of tradition and modernity. While it stays true to its Islamic roots, Karachi is a city that is rapidly growing in economics and industry. When it comes to senior travel, Karachi is the place to be. There are many activities for senior citizens to participate in. Karachi is a beautiful place in the middle of snowy mountain ranges and the sea.

Clifton Beach

When it comes to soaking up the sun and enjoying all that the Arabian Sea has to offer, seniors should visit Clifton Beach in Saddar Town. This location is ideal for seniors because of the coolness of the air. Clifton Beach has a state of the art health resort. While visiting at Clifton Beach, seniors can swim or just walk along the water and enjoy the fresh air. The most adventurous senior citizens could try riding a horse or a camel along the ocean.

Things to Consider

Karachi is best when visited during the months of December or January. It is mildly cloudy, but the clouds help alleviate the extreme heat of the landscape. As a tourist one should be mindful of the customs of the place. When visiting Karachi during religious holidays, be mindful of the religious norms of the place. Tourist should know which practices are acceptable for men and women. It is true Karachi is quite different from other cities in Pakistan, since it is the center of commerce and economics in the country, but there are still instances of sectarian violence among the general population and sometimes tourists are targeted.

Music at the Hindu Gymkhana

Karachi used to be the capital of Pakistan until Islamabad was built. In a sense, all the cultural past of Pakistan is found in Karachi. The most important buildings that played a crucial point in the history in Pakistan are present in Karachi. Seniors could enjoy the music that is played in the Hindu Gymkhana. The Hindu Gymkhana is a tribute to Pakistan’s Hindu influence; this building houses the Pakistani National Academy for the performing arts.

Visiting Zainab Market

One of the most important parts of going on vacation to a different land is to mingle with the people and to learn new things. There is no better place to do that than Zainab Market and Tariq Road. Zainab Market is located in Karachi’s Downtown area.  It is also near The Avari Towers Hotel, one of Pakistan’s most popular hotels.

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