Family Travel Ideas in Karachi

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Karachi is one of the most modern cities of the Arab world. It lies on the coast of Pakistan and it is the hub for commerce and industry. Most of Pakistan’s major financial deals and transactions take place in Karachi. Lots of people flock to Karachi--from international business people to tourists. Karachi has a wide variety of malls, state of the art shopping centers and entertainment venues for the whole family. 

Fun at the Arena

One of the most up and coming attractions is the Arena. The Arena is an entertainment complex with fun for the whole family and a wide variety of foods. One of the main attractions of the Arena is its skating rink. This is the first ice skating venue in Pakistan. For the people who love bowling, the Arena offers The Hit Zone which is a state-of-the-art and fully-computerized bowling alley. 

The Orange Octopus provides entertainment for young guests. If you are traveling with young children they will enjoy The Orange Octopus. This part of the arena offers a wide range of coin-operated rides with catchy tunes that are sure to attract and entertain the youngest of guests. Parents can also enjoy virtual bowling while the young ones are having fun on the rides.

The Phazer Zone offers paint balling without the messy paint and the pain. The arena does not only have entertainment for toddlers, the Arena also has entertainment for older kids. The Phazer Zone offers an intrinsic paint ball venue for those people who like to have fun. The most interesting and convenient part of this paint ball venue is that it uses no paint balls at all. The guns shoot small fluorescent dots. This sure helps avoid the pain that comes with paint balling.

Karachi Zoological Garden

Karachi has one of the best zoos in the entire world. The zoo has a museum of natural history and also a reptile house that houses 13 species of reptiles and lizards. The Museum of Natural History has a wide array of stuffed animal from different species and places of the world.  It is a good place for families to learn about nature and the different types of animals and their habitats. The zoo is commonly called the Mahatma Gandhi Garden.


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