Cruises in Karachi

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There are two ways to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Karachi. One is by spending a day basking in the hot sun, the other is enjoying the breathtaking scenery from on of the many cruise ships that operate in and around Karachi, Pakistan. Use precaution when traveling in this area. Make sure you book a cruise through a reputable cruise/tour company to avoid any danger to yourself and your family as gangs are a threat in this area. 

The Gulf Dream Cruise

If a luxurious getaway is what you are seeking, look no further than the Gulf Dream Cruise. A luxury liner accommodating over twelve hundred passengers, this liner sails from Karachi to Dubai, allowing locals and tourists a chance to get away from the busy cities and their daily lives and relax while soaking in the sun and enjoying the beautiful scenery.  This five day cruise features amenities such as fine dining, a twenty-four hour salon and fitness center, countless boutiques to indulge in a little shopping, a day-care center, teen-parties, magic shows and card tables. 

Karachi Yacht Club

For a peaceful afternoon on the water, renting a sailboat at the Karachi Yacht Club is the way to go. Not only offering sailboat rentals, the Karachi Yacht Club is also known throughout Pakistan for it's adrenaline packed activities such as yacht and sailboat races and parties throughout the summer as well as on holidays. Pricier than other boat rentals, the Karachi Yacht Club is meant for those that want to escape the bustle of their lives to bask in the sun while steering their ship along the waterways of Karachi.

Boat Rentals

Perfect for a quieter afternoon and definitely more affordable, you can rent a boat with or without a crew from one of the many ports in Karachi such as Kemari or Port Quasim. For a more luxurious afternoon, you can split the cost of a more luxurious yacht with some friends, other couples or families that want to tour the coastlines as well. Rental rates, if splitting the costs, can average out to about the cost of a lunch at a fast food joint, making one of these tours very affordable. For a more intimate and secluded afternoon, you can rent a fishing boat or even a sailboat. Smaller boats with a small crew are not only cheaper but allow you more flexibility as you can chose what along the coastline you want to view.

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