7 Day Itinerary in Karachi

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Being the biggest city in Pakistan, things to do in Karachi are endless. It is always easiest to plan a vacation out to ensure that you hit all the spots making your vacation everything you want it to be. If planning on being in the area for a week, here are things to do throughout the seven days you will be in Karachi ensuring you get the full taste of all Karachi has to offer.

Day One - Museums

To get a real feel of how Karachi came to be the busy metropolis it is now, a tour through some of the many museums in this Pakistani city is a must. A stop in the Pakistan Air Force Museum and it's neighbor, the Naval Museum, gives insight on the military history of this country. A visit to the National Museum of Pakistan that exhibits the evolution of Pakistan from it's early days to where it is now is also a museum that is a must to check out.

Day Two - Beaches

You can't come to Karachi without spending a day laying on one of the many sandy beaches in and around this large city. Ideal for swimming and relaxing, the most popular beaches are French Beach, Turtle Beach, Clifton Beach and Beach View Park. All are public beaches so this is a day trip that is easy on the wallet as well!

Day Three - Shopping

The shopping mecca in Pakistan, you could easily spend a day roaming through the countless malls, shopping centers and local boutiques in Karachi. With such a variety such as local markets peddling handmade goods and high end, designer stores, there is something for everyone to be found while shopping in Karachi.

Day Four - The Great Fiesta Water Park

For an exciting and entertaining day, spend the afternoon floating along in inner tubes, swimming in a wave pool or shooting down a water slide at the Great Fiesta Water Park. Offering fourteen different slides, a river ride and a variety of kiddie pools, this is a perfect experience for a family.

Day Five - Sailing/Boating

Stop by one of the many boat rentals in Karachi for a guided tour along the coastline and waterways. There are countless rental companies to chose from depending on the size and style of boat or yacht you want. The Karachi Yacht Club offers sailboat rentals if sailing is what you desire.

Day Six - Expo Center/Planetarium

The Karachi Expo Center and Planetarium are side by side making it easy to have an educational day. The ever changing expo center offers tourists and locals a look into new and upcoming technology. The Planetarium offers families a large sky dome theater featuring solar entertainment as well as tours of aircraft. A visit to both locations will fill an afternoon with educational entertainment.

Day Seven - Karachi Zoo

The Karachi Zoo is not only home to the exotic animals one would expect but also the Karachi Zoological Gardens. Covering thirty-three acres, the zoo houses a veterinary hospital, a reptile house, a garden in Mughal style as well as an educational facility perfect for younger children. With hundreds of mammals, birds and reptiles to view, a day at the zoo is not one you will want to pass on.

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