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Jacobabad ( Urdu / Sindhi : جیکب آباد) is a city in the Jacobabad District , Sindh , Pakistan . Jacobabad located at 28°16′37.32″N, 68°27′05.04″E . The city is crossed by the Pakistan Railways and many main roads of the province.

During British India, the town was the administrative headquarters of the Upper Sind frontier district in Bombay; with a station on the Quetta branch of the North-Western railway, 37 m. from the junction at Ruk, on the main line. It was famous for consistently having the highest temperature in the Sub-Continent. During the month of June the thermometer ranges between 120° and 127° F. The town was founded on the site of the village of Khangarh in 1847 by General John Jacob, for many years commandant of the Sind Horse, who died here in 1858. It has cantonments for a cavalry regiment, with accommodation for caravans from Central Asia. It is watered by two canals. An annual horse show is held in January. The town was founded near the village of Khangarh in 1847 by Brigadier General John Jacob , for many years Commandant of the Sindh Horse .
Jacob who died and was buried there in 1858 , and left a marvellous Victoria Tower in his remembrance in the heart of the city.

The commercial airport at Jacobabad, about 300 miles north of Karachi and 300 miles southeast of Kandahar , is located on the border between Sindh and Balochistan provinces. Jacobabad is said to be the hottest city in Pakistan. Jacobabad was one of three Pakistani bases used by U.S. and allied forces to support the Operation Enduring Freedom campaign in Afghanistan . Pakistan agreed to an American request for a long-term presence at Jacobabad. The US forces stayed there from Dec 2001 to Dec 2004.During their stay they have been developing the base such as adding swimming pools .

An annual horse and cattle show is held in January. Jacobadad is highly multicultural, with ethnic and tribal groups including Pechuho , Banglani , Bijarani , Sunderani , Unar , Abro , Soomro , Khoso , Bhayo , Mangrio , Surhio Jakhrani , Marri , Gabol and Muhajirs . The area is predominantly Muslim with Hindu and Christian minorities. People are highly educated and participating in their role in the mainstream politics development of the Jacobabad, Sindh , Pakistan . Jacobabad has produced many poets,writters,teachers and social workers. Abdul karim gadai was a famous poet and many other famous poets that belong to district Jacobabad.

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