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Indus River near Gilgit

Indus River near Gilgit

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Gilgit is one of the most visited city in the Northern Area of Pakistan. Althought the town itself is not very big, nor extremely exciting, it is the best place to start exploring the northern region which has some of the best mountain scenery and so called Virgin Beauty of unexplored world, the world that is yet to be explored by the West. Gilgit has many great tourist attractions to offer to its visitors throughout the year Gilgit's position on the mountainous region also means that the city has plenty of splendid views and some delightful seafront promenades.

The town has many interesting sights. Two miles out of town there are a pair of Buddha's carved in to a high rock. They go back to the 5-th century. It's a nice hike, the scenery on your way is gorgeous.Then there is a monument to commemorate the fact that the boyscouts of Gilgit were the spark that set the flame in the battle between Pakistan and India for supremacy over Kashmir.

The post-office can hardly be considered a sight. But when you are traveling on to Skardu,Yasin valley(Worshigum) or Hunza valley, keep in mind that it is easier to send a few postcards to relatives from here than from any of the other valleys.

For the sportive, one of the most interesting excustions is to Rakaposhi base camp. Rakaposhi is a 8-km giant.

During 2006, there has been 20% decrease in general crime. Total of the Northern Areas remained 1400 which is less than one police station of other provinces of Pakistan. Number of foreign tourist increased from 9944 to 15049. Northern Areas is wonderland which should not be visited by 15 thousand but 15 hundred thousand tourists. During 2007, we expect a substantial increase in tourists. (Inspector General of Police, Northern Areas of Pakistan)


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