Ansoo Lake (At about 16,490 ft)

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To reach Ansoo Lake, situated at about 16,490 ft


                     Must be prepared for Heavy rain at any time, keep the extra cloaths at safe from rain, because you may need them, even in August you may feel freezing at Ansoo if caught in the rain.Try water proof Cloaths specially Care about proper shoes and socks, must have a separe.

(Ansoo means, Tear in Urdu)

Ansoo Lake is a high-altitude lake (elevation 16,490 feet or 5027 metres) in the Kaghan Valley near Malika-e-Parbat (Queen of Mountains) in the Himalayan range.

It can be reached by a difficult trek from Saiful Mulook Lake . The name comes from its drop-like shape (the Urdu word Ansoo means tear). The lake is said to have been discovered in 1993 by Pakistan Air Force pilots who were flying low above the area. Earlier, the lake was not even known to the locals.

Requirements: You must be a good hiker because no jeep or car could go to Ansoo Lake :). Yes you can hire mules, horses but still, they may not be able to carry you all the way. You will find some water streams there, but it is recommended that you should have plenty of water and enough food. Do keep mineral water and juices like Orange Juice or other energy drinks. Chocolates are also good source of energy in such kind of travels.

Duration to reach Ansoo lake is approximately 1 day and 1 night at least. For more comfortably, you can have 1 more night stay in mountains :). But if you start it in early morning from Saif-ul-Maluk, you can do it in one day

I suggest, you should travel for this in the season of July-August, because in the ends of August, there would be start of snow fall and even local people start evacuate these areas because of heavy snow fall in those areas.

Caution:People having some breathing problems like Asthma, are not recommended for this. Because the air pressure will be lower at high altitudes and the tough hike could affect badly on such patients.

Lets Go: So, first reach Lake Saiful-Malook, which is itself is a very beautiful place. Do spend some time there and enjoy. From there, I suggest hire a guide who should be a local of these areas. The Path to Ansoo Lake is straightly passing from the base camp of Malka-e-Parbat, the most beautiful peak near Saiful-Malook. You can hire mules along with guide to carry your camps and heavy utensils. And it would be a good exercise if you carry your bags yourself and take pity upon poor animals :).

At Base Camp of Malka-e-Parbat: It should take not more than 2 or 3 hours to reach Base Camp of Malka-e-Parbat. This would be your first stay point if you are coming directly from islamabad and reached here near to the sunset. But you stayed at some place before and reached here in the middle of the day, you can start travel up to Ansoo lake. If you happened to stay at base camp, then don't forget to enjoy the beautiful scenes of Malka-e-parbat during the evening time and if it is a moon night, then, I bet, you will never forget that night, because I was there in Full Moon night and saw the rising moon from behind the Malka-e-Parbat peak and it was marvelous scene.

In the morning, you will start traveling, in fact climbing for Ansoo Lake. Now from here, your most difficult hike is going to start. 

Let me specify that this whole track is full of very beautiful and marvelous scenes of mountain peaks covered with snow, so with the difficulty of climbing you will really enjoy the scenes.

After 4 to 5 hours of hike, you will pass through green mountains and then barren snowy mountains where snow never melts through out the year.  Do stay if you start feeling dizzy or feeling to have rest. This is because of the Low oxygen at high altitudes. Even local people who are used to it, used to stay. 

Piyala Lake: Just before reaching the top mountain of Ansoo Lake, you may find a small dead lake, now full of stones and snow. It was called "Piyala Lake". Piyala means Cup in Urdu.

Peak before Ansoo lake i.e. the View Point: After 2 to 3 hours hike you should reach at the peak from where you can view the Ansoo Lake completely. Mostly it is covered with clouds but you will find moments to get a picture of it. See picture about Ansoo Lake in the gallery, which I captured while standing its top point i.e. at about 16,490 ft. When you'll see it you'll get to know why it is called Ansoo Lake.

At the top point, this was the only point we find where our Cell phones started working because we were at very high altitude and were in the line of some Mobile Phone Antenna.

If you wish to have a picnic at the bank of this lake go ahead. It will take not more than 15 minutes to reach down, but let me tell you one thing, Its not so much beautiful as you may expect. but as there is snow all around it and it is covered with clouds, so you will enjoy this scene.

You may go back from here to Base Camp of Malka-e-Parbat or if you wish you can go with your guide forward to see other places like Dhair, Manohar Banglo etc which are very beautiful places there. (I will submit some details and pictures if possible later).

Hope you'll enjoy there

Good Luck and have lovely trips

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