Family Travel Ideas in Pakistan

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Pakistan family travel has a lot to offer as there are many activities to enjoy in Pakistan. Pakistan has everything from beautiful scenery to fascinating historical attractions. With the wide range of activities there is something for everyone in your family to enjoy.


Pakistan has an abundance of beautiful beaches. Beach trips are a fun family outing and the beaches that are frequented by tourists have activities for children. A well known beach is Clifton Beach. This beach is located in Karachi which is a cultural and economical center in Pakistan. Clifton Beach is a good place to go for a walk and enjoy the site of the beautiful ocean. However, it is not a swimming beach. There are exciting activities for children including horse riding and camel rides. The beach is quite until the afternoon when people visit for an evening walk. Refreshments and snacks are on sale in the vicinity of the beach. There are many public transport options and taxis in this area so getting around is easy. Hawkes Bay is another beach that is popular with tourists.

Rawal Lake

Rawal Lake is a man-made lake which is situated in Islamabad. Surrounding the lake are beautiful gardens that provide the perfect spot for a family picnic. There are also paths where you can take a walk and enjoy the tranquility of the area. If you walk up to higher ground you can see views over the whole lake. The Islamabad Club has sporting facilities. Children can enjoy fishing or going on a boat trip. Canoes and rowing boats are available for rent. There are also facilities for diving and sailing. Animals that can be spotted include foxes and porcupines. This is a good place for bird watchers as there is a variety of bird species here including species that are unique to Pakistan. A suggested activity is to watch the sun set at the park. There is a restaurant where you can buy refreshments.

National Parks

There are many national parks in Pakistan which offer opportunities to view the wildlife that is native to Pakistan. Well known parks include Kunjerab, Hingol and Machiara.


Water parks offer a day's entertainment. Sozo and Fiesta Water Park are 2 examples. Watching a movie at Karachi Cineplex is another option for a family activity. The Arena in Karachi boasts a variety of entertainment to keep children busy for hours. You can enjoy a family game of bowling or mini-golf. There are also ice skating and rock climbing facilities.

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