Dera Ismail Khan Travel Guide

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Dera Ismail Khan:

Dera Ismail Khan is a city in N.W.F.P , Pakistan .It is situated on the west bank of the Indus River and lies 200 miles west of Lahore and 120 miles north-west of Multan. . Dera Ismail Khan was founded towards the end of the fifteen century by Ismail Khan, a son of the Baloch adventurer Malik Sohrab, who named the town after. It is often abbreviated to D.I.Khan.The bazars of the city all converge in one area, called Chowaglla (literally "intersection") Major bazars include Topanwala bazar, Bhatiya bazar, Muslim bazar, Kalan bazar and Bakhiri bazar. Natives of Dera Ismail Khan are known as Derawals. The Airport is situated 10 KM away from city centre. The district has an area of 7,326 kmĀ².

Tourist Areas:

A popular tourist destination is called Handeray Near About 45Km from the Dera Ismail Khan -Indus Highway. These ruins are situated near a place Mahra on indus Highway.

Another popular tourist destination is a pre-Islamic fort called Bilot, 500m from the Dera Ismail Khan-Chashma highway. These ruins are situated on a hill.

A sacred Sikh shrine is located in the Chota Bazaar of Dera Ismail Khan as Gureu Nanak visited this place during his fourth itinerary. At the site where he stayed a dharamshala was built by his devotees.

Economic production in the district:

One of the most famous products of this district is the "Dhakki Date", which is exported to Middle East, United States, and Europe. This date or khajoor is grown in the nearby village of Dhakki.

This district produces wheat, sugar cane (ganna), Good rice, and a very famous variety of mango called Langra.

D I Khan is increasingly exporting another type of dried date called chooara.

There are also coal mines in the nearby village Saidu Wali on the edge of CRBC Canal.

Dera Ismail Khan is also famous for a desert delicacy called Sohan Halwa.

Dera Ismail Khan is also famous for its lacquered woodwork, glass and ivory ware, mats, and Sarongs.

Newer industries within the city include sugar, soap, textile and oil milling.

Radio Pakistan is also situated in D.I.Khan. 

CRBC Canal is the major canal which provide water for irrigation.


The city is connected to Bannu via the highway, which further connects it to the provincial capital of Peshawar via Kohat and Darra Adam Khail. Another road connects D.I. Khan to Mianwali through Chashma Barrage. The third major road connects it to Bhakkar in Punjab, situated on the eastern bank of indus River. The bridge on the Indus River was constructed in early 1980s, before which the approach to Bhakkar was made through a boat bridge.

The city has telephone, telegraph, and internet facilities- although telegraph has recently been abandoned in line with the government policy of transitioning away from telegraph communications throughout the country.


Siriaki is first language of people .Pashto is next to it.

Educational institutions:

The city is home to many educational institutions, including:

Gomal University Al-Khair University  Qurtuba University Gomal Medical College Wensam College CIT College Of information Technology
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