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bhera shair shahi masjid

bhera shair shahi masjid

tahir awan

Bhera is historical town of Punjab in district Sargodha. Bhera is located on the mid of Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M2) at the left bank of river Jehlum near Southern Salt Range in District Sargodha. Before independence 1947, it was located in District Shahpur. Same as Lahore it has eight gates, which surrounds the whole city. Many historical places in which Sher Shah Suri mosque and khoti Al jameel are most famous. The mosque was made by Sher Shah Suri the founder of general trank road (GT Road) and khoti Al Jameel is also known as khoti Babu Usman which has a beautiful rear garden and great interior designing.Bhera city is the same design as inner Lahore city. Alexander the great passed near to Bhera.

Bhera's speciality in foods are phenia (fine spagetti in milk), patisa (sweets) wariya (dried lentil's with mixed spices) and mendhi (henna).


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