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liqat shaeed road

liqat shaeed road

UmAr Farooq

Bhalwal City is located at the heart of Motorway the Pride of Pakistan ,roughly at mid-point of Pakistan capital Islamabad and provioncial Punjab capital Lahore. Formed by the British with the arrival of the railway link from Lala-Musa to Sargodha, in the 1920s, it is essentially an agricultural city. The city is served by the loere-Jhelum Canal and is a major producer of Sugar Cane, Oranges, Cotton and Basmati Rice crops.

Bhalwal is a city that is mostly farmland citrus, rice, and weat re the major products. Because of best quality citrus, Bhalwal is also Known as California of Pakistan.BHalwal City is divided in two mian parts .Main Bhalwal including 8 chak N.B and Purana Bhalwal,which is the actual city of ancient days.HAZRAT SAKHI SHAH SULEMAN NORI HAZOOR SARKAR'S Darbar Shareef is also located in Purana Bhalwal.Hazrat Sahib are a great Sufi of Qadri Order.Hazrat Sahib are  Murshid of HAZRAT NOSH GANG SARKAR OF GUJRAT.HAZRAT SAHIB ,SAKHI SARKAR are the DATTA OF Bhalwal.Anybody who visit the Bhalwal must visit the Darbar Shareef for pray and Salaam.

Chkook of Bhalwal are famous for their cultivated lands.Kinon is the famous product of bhalwl.Winter season specially the January to March is the best season for visiting Bhalwal.Because in summer the weather is much hot.for more information please mail

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