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Anwar zeb khan

Anwar zeb khan


Bannu is an important town (1981 pop. 35,170) in Northen Pakistan. It is a divisional administrative center and an important road junction and market town. The major industries are cloth weaving and the manufacture of cotton fabrics, machinery, and equipment. Bannu is famous for its weekly Jumma fair.

It has one Engineering & Technology University, two post graduate colleges, an engineering college affiliated with peshawar university, two degree colleges for girls, and more then 300 primary, middle, high and higher secondary schools for girls and boys.

The present location of the town was founded by Sir Herbert Edwardes in 1848, and was formerly called Edwardesabad. It was a leading British military base, especially in actions against Afghan border tribes. Bani Zai tribe of Afghans lives here. Bannu is very green amidst rugged & dry mountains and has very fertile land. Early English visitors called it as "paradise".

Bannu is called "Bana" and "Bani Gul" in the local pashte language. It is a place of very happy people. In the afternoon one can see groups of young men wearing garlands of flowers and dancing in the roads and parks.

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