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ponch river near from channi kotli

ponch river near from channi kotli

by janjua

 Kotli, is a district of Azad Kashmir. The city is famous for its mosques and is often descirbed as Madina-tul-Masajid. The town of Gulhar Sharif in Kotli is a place of great spirtitualism. Here one finds a great mosque located right at the heart of the town.  Inside the premises of the mosque of Gulhar Sharif there is a Shrine of the late Qazi Fateh Al saddiquei Shatari. Here, the  spirtuality is flourshing under the guidance of Qazi Muhammad Sadiq, konw as Hazrat Sahib and his son Haji Hafiz Muhammad Zahid Sultani, known as Sahibzada Sahib. Here people can be seen busy in reciting the Holy Quran, sending Darood Sharif on the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) or in other 'Wazaif.'  Besides,  guiding people, Hazrat Sahib and his son are busy to build mosques. So far more than 400 mosques have been built in Azad Kashmir and Pakistan under their support and guidance

At a distance of 26Km from Kotli via a metalled road lies Tattapani , a popular tourist and mythical destination. Thousands of people flock to the Sulphur Springs each year in the hope to find magical cures for illnesses.

On the west side from Kotli there are many villages as you head to the other smaller town Doongi.  These start from Lakar, to , Chiri, Batal, Gajyari and Dhanna.  Doongi is a small settled town, which leads to khuiratta town. 

Dhanna village is the central village from Doongi to Khuiraata.  On the outskirts of Khuiratta is the famous Mai Totee darbar, to whom people as far as Mirpur come to pray for. 

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