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Syed Najam


sudhan gali is one of the most beautiful places in bagh. A greenish and hilly area having beautiful mountains like, Ganga choti which is very popular because of its height and beauty. From Ganga Choti you can see a very charming and breathtaking view of Bagh city. Now Government has given apporval to construct a road of five kilometer start from sudhan gali and will go to ganga choti (ser)  a chair lift approval is also considering. as ser is a small real vally ,having a small cricket ground covering by mountain, very year a cricket tournament held in june and july, almost all bagh's crickets teams participates in this tournament, sudhan gali team is one of them, if you want to go there ,you will go to ganga through sudhan gali,

copra is also one of the beautiful place in sudhan gali covering by greenry, having a beautiful ground named CAPTAIN RASHEED SHAHEED (SITARA-E- BASALAT) GROUND, now governament has also approved its as stadium, and the work will just begin, peoples of sudhan gali are sudhan by cast .monstly of them are settle in outside of country,but their families are in sudhan gali, the height of sudhan gali is almost 7000 feets,


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